“Earnest hard work and honestly leads to a happy successful life”
is now an out dated notion absent since the blue-collar days.
Our exponential technological growth will bring forth the inevitable fourth industrial revolution. People today are rapidly losing jobs to robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence.
We should equip ourselves with the one element that cannot be taken from us, ‘creativity’.
Under these circumstances, does the turtle still win the race?
Creativity emerges from enjoying life, being lazy, working hard, taking one’s time, and everything in between; not from working like a machine, which, might I add, a machine does better.
Nothing can surpass time. Creativity is the trophy, only gained by those who have the courage to let go of certainty, and dabble in the ambiguous.


💥9AUG2018 ~4SEP2018
💥Mon~Sat 1PM~7PM
💥Opening reception 8/8 Wed 8PM~

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